Amia Eps 4 : Condition

The Elders is gathered in The Rock Tower. Something is happening!

Boboiboy Stickman Parody

Watch Boboiboy use kuasa 7 againt Borara as a final blow in stickman form!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Continue Progressing! =D

Assalmualaikum and hi all!

It's me again after 2 weeks hiatus from writing, hehe sorry i really need to fix my Social issues in internet. For me it's just strange to active in forum or something like it because we don't meet with each other but i need to fix it and start socialize with other people online, espescially because i leading a small community online so i need to open my network beyond my ussual.

Okey now for the progress in the past 2 weeks i really focusing myself to animate the competition animation. In my opinion  i feel get some improve from my last main animation "three" which i started playing more camera movement and make a right conversation between character.

And with animating "Ice Dragon Nest" i feel more fun in animating and being able to make such a complex movement for me to done in the past also some kind of elemental effect such fire or smoke. Everything seems better than before and i really glad to create this animation

And for now i need to complete the last scene of the animation and hope for the best >D hehe, i only have 3 days to complete it before the competition is closed.

Then about other project, "Three" voice over is nearly complete! Most of the dialouge arleady recorded and only some unimportant character need to be recorded and i think the animation will ready this month!
For Legendary Hero, I will finish the voice for leader meeting shot, and Fidia hopefuly will able to complete all of her part in july (after she finishing her exam >.<). So if everything goes well then that scene can be animate this month after i complete the last scene of  "Ice Dragon Nest".
And the for AMV, i get some help from my friend to make the background of the animation. They are people is competent with art so don't worry ;) And i really hope to be able work with more people in the future.
If you asking about AMIA, i will tell it later when there is something to tell about.

That's all for now

bye and Wassalamualaikum

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

New Animation

Assalamualaikum and hi all!

First let me say happy Ramadhan for all muslim around the world, i know it's been 4 days passed since the Ramadhan is begin but today is still the first part of Ramadhan so it's okay :3.
Today i want to announce that i making a new animation with title "DragonNest : Ice Dragon Nest"' telling the story when DragonNest playeble character facing the dragon of mist land the ice dragon. I know AMV #4 not done yet even Legendary Hero eps 4 is still need a lot of progress ( But i'm targeting finish it before 2017 pass ), moreover "Three" is need to be delayed again.. i'm stuck with female voice actor. I will try to finish it this june on bad scenario, july.
The Character

This new animation also as my attemp to join the competition again and fix what failure in my past animation ( Three ). With shorter duration and more battle focused than conversation but still trying compose the good story inside it.

Goddess Althea
I also trying to use some new knowledge about drawing that i learn from collage (i'm student of Fine art) before i'm trying to apply it on Legendary Hero eps 4 and 5. This will be a usefull way to know my level today.

The Ice Dragon

Rawr ???
I hope skill that i get in this animation will be usefull in future project, oh and this will be completed in around 2 weeks! Deadline!!!!
Oh ya, i'm sorry no new animation this month...
That's all for now
Bye and Wassalamualaikum!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Prepare your heart

Assalamualaikum and hi all!
Today the new monthly animation is released!
Click Here to watch

Actually this supposed to finished in April but due to collage task i can't animate it before last month past..
I hope this month will have its animation too.

For now prepare your heart, Ramandhan will come in less than a month

Bye and Wassalamualaikum

Thursday, 20 April 2017

April Update

Assalamualaikum and hi all!

The last one month is pretty hard for me because lot of real life stuff i need to done but i'm still trying to do a couple of thing to make progress in our project!

First of with AMV
I made some character asset and also give a shadow over other character that not given shadow yet when i made it before. Also one background arleady created and more will come soon and ( i hope so) also some background character too.
This is Keira

Also the other thing happened with AMV is that i have plan to make AMV short in every month that our main project can't released on that month so to make thing look alive AMV short is my choice. The content of the AMV short is random, it can be indonesian song or not, the song will determined when i'm starting to make it.

Second is with AMIA
Amia is pretty quite for now, but in last few weeks i'm making some background asset that is some flower and some tree. It can be used to make a variation background and make the setting more alive not only in AMIA but also with other project as well.
One of the background for eps 5 is completed, and also i made the first few second of cinematic


I also have a plan to make a short video about what happened with Tentionmaru and Jomm and they landing in the middle of merchenary group in the middle of episode 4, but maybe it will take a while before it will be completed.

Third with Legendary Hero
Yes there is a little progress with Legendary Hero. I have made a setup for one of the scenes in eps 4, i also have plan to make a new tree asset for Legendary Hero. A trees that grown in middle east, there is arleady 7 of them that will be created but why it can't be done in last month because the business of collage that i've mentioned above

Underground room!

While the voice of Hanane and Malik is still in the progress by Fidia there is nothing i can do for now, maybe in next couple of weeks or month i will make some progress on the animation, we'll se what we can do.
I will try my best to make Eps 4 released at least before 2017 pass..

The last with "Three"
It beyond my expetation that to do the voice acting will take a lot of time even now it not yet completed, but the progress is reach about 60% - 70% and i hope it can be faster. Perhaps next month is the date of release. But again we'll see what i can do.

That's all for now
Thank you


Friday, 24 March 2017

AMV Short

hi all

Yes as you know "Three" is not released yet, well it's harder than i thought to record all voice of Three.
With 27 minutes long full of dialouge it's need a lot of effort to do, but i will complete it as fast as possible, also sometime i make some progress in Legendary Hero or AMV #4 but for now i give you AMV short "Ashabul Kahfi", it is tell the story of seven people who sleep for 309 years.

I'm looking forward to make more like this in the future, hope you like it!
Bye and Wassalamualaikum!