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Monday, 12 February 2018

Status Update

Assalamualaikum and hi all!

It's been a month since my last post in January. the 4th semester just begun  and well... lots of new things strike me all at once. but, the real reason no update is because i'm too lazy with writing 😁...
 Anyway, here it is some progress i have been made within a month...


Like what i said before in the previous post that THIS YEAR i will only focus with Legendary Hero. then if there is still a time i'll make something for another project. I already completed 2 scene for episode 4 (yeeey!!!) and some shot in several scene in episode 5.
Take a look!

There are some screenshot of the recent scene done of episode 4 . a lot of W.I.P also( i aim to complete episode 4 ASAP )!

Another thing done is i created new character (not really new but the character apperance is created recently) She is Nur Sahira, a knight with light attribute, main companion of Nasrul the DragonLord and also his childhood friend.
It took three days for me to complete her character design and for the first time it took that LONG for me to create a new character... (wow πŸ˜ƒ) Unfortunately she does not have big role in episode 4 and 5 but she's really important in the lore of Legendary Hero. maybe i will reveal her role in the future (maybe), at least you will see her cameo in thick layer of fire and smoke (yeah for realπŸ˜†),so dont miss it!(if the animation is completed πŸ˜“).

New Assigntment new animation!

Well it's not like i want to change my focus from Legendary Hero, but i get another assignment from my collage to create an experimental movie and when the lecturer said we are free to choose any genre, style, and direction we want. thus i choose to create animation instead. This animation will only be 5 minutes long and will not like i usually did, but i rather make a vague story telling style with minimum naration and more action in the film. 
The synopsis will be "The teenagers brought to a fantasy world and need to work together to achive the goal of returning into their world", there will be 3 characters with normal and battle form and some big boss monster they need to defeat. But in the moment i only able to finish two of them.

The three character will be a young hijab girl, a young nun, and a yong male monk. While their normal form only consist of their vocation cloth, the battle form will took from traditional story or culture of Indonesia. Another update will be post soon (because i need to make progress every week 😒). Aaand i am still can't decide a name for them.... need to do some research!

Animation Exercise!

In the last three weeks, i made an animation module for my animation community in university. It is discuss around animation exercise with explanation. anyway, i used this moment to impove my  animating skill and it Works!

That~~`s all for now

bye and Wassalamualaikum!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 Review and 2018?

Assalamualaikun and hi all!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!!!
Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018!
New Year 2018!
Then an apology.... i can't fulfill my target in 2017, AMV #4 and Legendary Hero eps 4 and 5 non of them is completed but only fragment of process like character, setting, background, cinamatic, etc. Yet i achive so much things in real life! New knowledge about animation industry and society, New skill in digital painting, new experience make animation with a tight scheadule..... (even tho Legendary Hero not completed).

Drawing 2017
I'm trying many new things in 2017 to be able to support my animation skill, i even try some fullbody animation too. The project called Silver Memories, a 1-minute music video for music "Silver Memories" by Hania.
The Silver Memories

 Actually (agian) this supposedly complete in 2017 but this time the problem not only my laziness artblock, but the software which i new to that (toonboom) then how to organize the team. Hope next year everything is smooth. Another animation called "Virtual Social" is created for my final semester project.

I need more than 3 weeks on and off (mostly on) with ~ 6 hours worktime to make this one, and lots of trial and error because i never try this ever (except flip book animation). But with this i can learn how to make fullbody animation and because this animation is traditional, digital version will much more easier i hope, and yeah that's really work.
So... for 2018 i really wanted to focus complete all of my long WIP animation. Legendary Hero eps 4 and 5, AMV#4 Engkaulah kamuku, And maybe some AMIA animation. After that.. i don't know... maybe contiune make something as usual or maybe i will try some new things. Well... we will see in the future
for now stay chill :3
oh and watch my Virtual Social animation on Diclim Youtube right now!
bye and Wassalamualaikum